PNR Status – Indian Railways Enquiry Train Status

PNR Status – Indian Railways Enquiry Train Status

This article will clear all your queries related to PNR, what it is, how it generated and how it is allotted to a passenger and how you can check your PNR status with through this website.
Whenever you book a train or flight ticket online, you get PNR number along with your ticket which carries all your information related to your journey. In other words, it is just like admit card that you get whenever you apply for any exam. In the article below, we will discuss all the in-depth knowledge on PNR Status.

What is PNR Status Full Details Step by Step Procedure

PNR (Passenger Name Record) is a 10 digit code written on top-left corner of a ticket. PNR is a travel data of a passenger whether you are traveling alone or with a family or with a group of people, kept up in CRS (Central Reservation System) database. PNR number is created just when the CRS gets full information of excursion like traveler’s name, sex, age, train number, journey class, berth preference, contact link, and so on. In traveling terms it is a follow-up  process by which travelers can get information about the status of their journey. PNR information is of awesome use to travelers, whose tickets are not affirmed. It helps them to check whether their tickets got affirmed or not.

How to check your PNR Status ?

Now that we have clear idea about what actually is PNR Status, in the post below we will see how you can Check PNR Status Online
Whenever you book a train ticket online, a 10-digit PNR will be allotted to you by the IRCTC, note down that PNR Number and if your ticket is in waiting list then you should surely note it down because you need to keep checking if your ticket got confirmed or not? Users can type in your PNR number in text box on India Railway main website  and click on submit button provided below. Just in a second, you would get IRCTC PNR status details from servers and it will be clear whether your ticket is confirmed or not. Those who wants to keep the print out of their PNR Details they can take a print out.

Check PNR Status: Easiest way step by step procedure

Another simple and easy way to check your PNR Status is through SMS Process, we have explained the whole process below which is very easy to follow.
Those who don’t have access to internet can get their PNR Status through SMS process, passengers can get their irctc PNR Status offline with the help of SMS helpline by Indian Railways or calling helpline for PNR! You can use these listed different methods to check your IRCTC PNR Status
Online PNR Status: You can try Indian Railways or Check PNR Status IRCTC
PNR Status on SMS: Type your “PNR {PNR-Number-here}” and send it to 5888 or 139 or 5676747 or 57886.
PNR Status on Call: Dial 139 from your mobile number and following instruction carefully!
Now that we know how to check our PNR Status, Here we will see the different terms used in PNR system because most of the time it is not clear what the terms in PNR means, by reading the paragraph below you will clear all your doubts.


1. WL#/ WL# – Waitlisted: You have a waiting list ticket and you cannot board the train.
2. WL#/RAC# – RAC: You will have to share your seat with another person(Reservation Against Cancellation)
3. WL#/CNF – Confirmed: You have a confirmed ticket and you can board the train.
4. R##: RAC Coach No., Berth No. RAC, with two number are displayed, first one is Coach No. and the other is Berth No.
5. WL#: Waitlist. Your ticket has not been confirmed for the given date. In case of an e-ticket, there is automatic cancellation after the chart is prepared.
6. RLWL#:Remote Location Waitlist. In the middle of and for part travels, these are wait listed tickets issued by stations. Each train have a number of Remote Location Quotas, each with a fixed number of seats reserved. When the Source station of the passenger is one of these marked stations, or some stations after that, the RLWL quota is applicable on the reservations. This has fewer number of seats compared to GNWL.
7. CK#: Tatkal (Priority) Booking. You can book a Tatkal ticket 72 hours prior to traveling. You will find the confirmed seat and coach number.
8. CKWL#: Waiting under the Tatkal Booking. When a Tatkal waiting is confirmed, you get a confirmed personal seat, where as with general reservation, your ticket moves in the RAC category.
9. GNWL#: General Waiting List. Ticket with a GNWL is issued when the Source station of the traveler is the Source station of the train or one of the stations close to it. This portion has the most number of seats in any given train and has the most most probablity of getting affirmed at the season of final charting. You can’t board a train. In the event that booked from a station, you may go in the general compartment at times.
10. PQWL#: Pooled Quota Wait List. Pooled Quota Wait List. Status is waiting when a ticket is reserved through a Railway Quota. Pooled Quota is kept for a vital sub-course inside the full course, if the sub-course is prominent and merits its own quantity. Normally this will be from starting station and close-by stations, to a mainstream town other than the destination that comes on the way. This has less seats when contrasted with GNWL, along these lines a lesser likelihood for affirmation.
11. REGRET/WL: No More Booking Permitted. This appears when you are booking your ticket and no more booking are allowed.
12. CAN/MOD: Ticket is Cancelled or Modified. Your ticket is modified or cancelled after the initial booking.
13. Released: It means that ticket is  not confirmed in the given berth , but an alternative berth to it is provided.